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Fake marijuana, also known as K2, gives a high that is similar to marijuana and kids today are smoking it. K2 is supposed to be a legal high but doctors are seeing something other than a mild high.
Published by Sam Montana 112 months ago in Recreational Drugs & Marijuana | +17 votes | 36 comments
Paurush Jeevan Side effects. All medications are subject to side effects, some people suffer no side effects and other suffers from side effects. In case of any side effects on using Paurush Jeevan, stop its administration immediately and consult a doctor.
Published by Niitesh Mundra 97 months ago in Herbs & Herbal Supplements | +3 votes | 32 comments
The need to consume enough minerals has not only influenced how people eat and choose their diet but on how much supplements one consumes. It is not a wonder to find someone taking three to four different type of supplements but it is really necessary when you are getting a proper diet.
Published by Timm 92 months ago in Vitamins & Minerals | +30 votes | 23 comments
An article about Whitney Houston who has died recently. This article is my way of remembering the singer. May she rest in peace after a long struggle met with a beautiful talent. She will never be forgotten. She is left behind a daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Singer Whitney Houston dead at 48 years old.
Published by Flower Boho 89 months ago in Illegal Drugs & Narcotics | +17 votes | 20 comments
Most people, particularly the women prefer a fairer and whiter complexion. If you are one of those individuals, glutathione could be the one for you. Here are some facts about glutathione – its other benefits, precautions, popular brands and dietary sources. Read on.
Published by Phoenix Montoya 105 months ago in Supplements | +21 votes | 19 comments
Most supplements cite wonderful benefits. Then we discover the statement, ‘No approved therapeutic claims’ at the bottom of their packaging. We tend to feel mislead. These supplements give us promises then there’s a catch? What does the statement really mean? And more importantly, do these supplements really work?
Published by Phoenix Montoya 111 months ago in Supplements | +26 votes | 19 comments
Joint pain can come from numerous types of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, gout and even TMJ. Does glucosamine help symptoms of arthritis, here is what the studies say.
Published by Sam Montana 114 months ago in Supplements | +17 votes | 19 comments
Umcka is an herbal extract that has been shown to work against colds, flu, sinusitis, tonsillitis and antibiotic resistant ear infections. It has shown both antiviral and antibiotic properties in killing both viruses and bacterial infections.
Published by Sam Montana 121 months ago in Herbs & Herbal Supplements | +17 votes | 19 comments
Are you addicted to caffeine? Find out how to get rid of the caffeine addiction headache blues...
Published by Aunty Ann 96 months ago in Tea & Coffee | +30 votes | 18 comments
CGF, taurine and lysine are three popular supplements in a multivitamins preparation. They cite amazing promises. But can these benefits be true or just some mere half-truths? Read on.
Published by Phoenix Montoya 105 months ago in Supplements | +23 votes | 16 comments
The boyfriend of the answer seeker wants to take Prozac as an anti- depressant instead of Heroin.
Published by Phoenix Montoya 111 months ago in Illegal Drugs & Narcotics | +19 votes | 16 comments
One of the best advantages of a Sodium Ascorbate a generic name of Fern-C (FERN), Vit-cee (CNN Generics) and Alka-C (Interchemex Lab), is this vitamin does not cause stomach upsets unlike Ascorbic acid. Similar to ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate is an important source of antioxidants beneficial for the body. But, is Sodium Ascorbate really better than Ascorbic Acid?
Published by Phoenix Montoya 87 months ago in Supplements | +18 votes | 15 comments
About sweet clovers or melilotus species. Primarily used as good cattle fodder and to enrich soil for centuries, sweet clovers have numerous other uses including for skin ointments, an culinary/medicinal herb and insect repellent.
Published by Peter Bilton 97 months ago in Herbs & Herbal Supplements | +26 votes | 15 comments
Coffee and Caffeine the Legal performance enhancer
Published by Johnny Dod 113 months ago in Tea & Coffee | +7 votes | 15 comments
Vitamin supplements abound in the market. There are about 5,000 plus or more choices from the last count. Taking them ensures a person some shield against cancer, increased immunity, lower blood pressure, increased energy, sharper memory, reversed arthritis, stronger bones, better eyesight and many other health benefits.
Published by Ron Siojo 91 months ago in Supplements | +17 votes | 14 comments
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